Aunt Ernie’s Loves Their Customers And Clients!!

That is why we have bright, eye-catching designs for you and your pet to chose from.

Our Team Members

Brandis Hart

Owner / Groomer

Brandis’s Information here

Ernie Thomas


Ernie has been grooming animals for 40 years and is fully certified. She has been licensed as a CAH or Companion Animal Hygienist since 1988.

Ernie loves all animals and loves working with them every day. She takes pride in her work and caring for every animal that comes into her shop.

Who We Are & What We Do

About Aunt Ernie’s Pet Parlor

Aunt Ernie’s Pet Parlor is family owned and operated and has been open for 12 years now.

We take pride in our work and make sure our animals are well cared for and beautiful when they leave our shop.

We all consider our client’s animals our family and make sure they feel welcome and comfortable with us.

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